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  • How to get to the camp?
    Camp is located in Varemurru Holiday Centre. Everybody will be arriving to the camp from different cities and countries, so please get in touch with us and we will provide you with information that is most suitable for you. We send out emails with directions to everyone before camp. Keep an eye on your inbox and spam. Address: Varemurru Puhkekeskus, Varemurru talu Matsi küla, 88219
  • How do the English language lessons look like?
    Lessons start at 9:15/9:30 depending on the schedule that year. Lessons finnish at 13:00 and students will have breaks between classes. The lesson activities depend on the level of the group but every group will cover new vocabulary, speaking, writing, grammar and reading. We use a wide range of teaching methods to try and find the best approach to every student and to ensure students interest in the lessons.
  • What are the living conditions?
    Students will live in the cabins that accommodate 4-6 people. Accommodation is allocated according to gender and age. The allocation happens in advance and we will not make any changes on arrival or later.
  • What activities besides English language lessons are organised at the camp?
    Students have a choice of multiple afternoon activities every day that they can participate in. Example of afternoon activities: Scavenger Hunt Capture the Flag Volleyball Business Day Debate Club Creative Writing Origami Evening activities are mostly “shows” that require some preparation. For example: Fashion show Talent show Karaoke night Theater night
  • How will you determine my child’s English level?
    On the first day of the camp there will be a test where students will be assessed on their language skills. They will be placed in a group according to their abilities. We understand that students might feel pressure during the test and perhaps not perform to the best of their abilities, that's why during the first 2 days teachers keep a close eye on all the students to see who would need to be transfered to another group.
  • What if this is my child’s first camp?
    It will not be a problem at all but it would be very useful for us to know that so we could make sure that your child feels comfortable and is enjoying him/herself.
  • Can my child live with his/her friend?
    Yes, they can but we need to know about this in advance. Cabins are allocated in advance by age and gender and we cannot change that later.
  • What should my child bring to the camp?
    For everyone who is wondering what would be useful to bring to the camp we will send out information beforehand. We do not advice to bring any expensive clothing or items since they can get dirty, ripped, broken or lost.
  • Should my child take anything valuable to the camp?
    No, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of valuables. We will do our best to help to find the items in case of loss but we do not advice to bring expensive technology or any other expensive items to the camp.
  • What documents does my child need?
    It depends on which country is your child from. We recommend getting in touch with us directly, so we could provide you with the correct and relevant information.
  • What if my child loses something valuable (ex. phone)?
    We do not take any responsibility for any lost items. We will do our best to help the child to find the lost item but if possible do not bring any valuables to the camp.
  • What if my child has allergies/dietary restrictions?
    Please inform us about that in advance so all the staff will be aware and in case of food allergies/ restrictions the kitchen needs to be informed so they can plan out meals that will meet the requirement of the child.
  • What if my child has a medical condition?
    We need to be informed in advance, so we could assess if we can accommodate.
  • Can I call my child?
    Yes, but please do call after lessons from 13:00 Estonian time and up until 22:50 Estonian time.
  • Why are the phones taken away?
    The phones are taken away before bedtime and returned after lessons. The reason for phones being taken before bedtime is that kids need to get a good night rest before the next day. Phones can be a distraction since they can access social media, games and contact other campers. Furthermore having a phone at night can lead to disruption of other cabins and camp organisers. To ensure the well-being and safety of the campers our staff also needs to rest and properly organize all activities. We do not want to single anyone out so everyone’s phones are taken by their supervisors and kept safe. The phones are returned after the lesson because this way no lesson can get disrupted and no camper will get distracted. In case of family emergency the camper should inform his/hers supervisor and the phone will be returned when it is needed. This rule exist to ensure that everyone is engaged in the camp life and that the camp can run smoothly with everyone making the most of their time there.
  • Why do we need to pay a deposit?
    The deposit is taken in case of damage of camp property. The deposit is returned on the last day when the campers depart.
  • What are the arrival and pick up times?
    We will send out an email with exact arrival/ departure times and instructions how to get to the camp. If you are not able to arrive or pick up your child at the time specified please let us know in advance.
  • What if I cannot bring/pick up my child?
    Transfer can be arranged but please contact us directly so we can provide you with the correct and relevant information.
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