Group Leader 

As a Group Leader you would be assigned a group that you would be responsible for. In some cases you might be assigned to a senior Group Leader as an assistant. 

The group you would be working with would be organised by age.

Your main task is to make sure everyone in your group is enjoying their time at the camp. This would mean that you would need to establish a connection  and trust with your group so they would open up to you if they would have any issues. 

You would also be responsible for the order at the camp and that everyone is informed about daily activities and events. 

As a Group Leader you would be organising the afternoon and evening activities with the help of other Group Leaders and Teachers. 

Skills needed for this role: 

  • Flexibility 

  • Communication skills

  • Working with a team

  • Able to make decisions on your own and take accountability if needed

  • Creative thinking

  • Open mindedness 

  • Time management



Most importantly you need to remember that we are a team. Even though there are different positions at the camp everyone helps everyone when needed. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience, we will be assisting and guiding you.

Our goal is to create the best experience for the kids, broaden their horizons, make them more confident in their language and communication skills but perhaps most importantly show that learning can be fun.


Interested? Check out what some of our teachers/camp counsellors say about their experience: 





Application process: 

  1. Get in touch if you are interested

  2. Fill out necessary forms

  3. Interview 

  4. Confirmation email that you have been offered a position

  5. Confirmation of ticket purchase to Estonia. This will be needed as soon as possible since we cannot keep your position waiting for too long if we will not be confident in your arrival

  6. We meet in Tallinn :)